About Us

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Rainwater Collection Concepts (RCC) originally began business in 2012 under the name All About Texas RWHS (AAT) with the design and installation of  water storage and rainwater harvesting systems in the central/south Texas area.  Over the last four years, AAT has installed millions of gallons of rainwater collection, water storage, and NFPA-22 fire protection tanks and systems.  Projects have ranged from small rainwater harvesting systems for the backyard gardener to a 100,000 gallon system at the Circle Y, a horse ranch in North Texas.  We have installed 2,500 to 25,000 gallon above ground well water storage tanks and industrial storage tanks such as a 30,000 gallon tank for chiller tower use in a manufacturing plant in N.E. Georgia.  

Owner and founder David Cowart is an ARCSA Accredited Professional (AP300), ARCSA (I.S.) Inspector Specialist and an ARCSA member in good standing.

AAT has recently changed names to Rainwater Collection Concepts.  We are very excited to be working under a name which better defines and reflects who we are and what we do. Although we will continue to install tanks and various type systems, our true goal is to promote and grow interest in Rainwater Harvesting across Texas and the United States.

Worldwide water shortages are growing in intensity as fossil aquifers continue being pumped dry to irrigate crops that supply global food needs. The American government from the federal down to some state and local levels have passed and/or are passing legislation that requires Rainwater Harvesting to be incorporated on all government buildings both future and existing. The EPA is actively pushing legislation that will require metering of private wells. Water is rapidly becoming a major issue in today’s modern world! T. Boone Pickens stated several years ago that “Water would become the next oil”, and that “Wars would be fought over water”. These predictions unfortunately are becoming reality!

Rainwater harvesting just makes sense! Rainwater collected from your roof or any impervious surface can be used for multiple applications if stored and treated properly. If you are wanting to use the rainwater collected for non potable irrigation systems, non potable uses for flushing toilets and washing laundry or potable uses in and around your home or building, RCC can work with you to design and install the system that best fits your needs and desires. Rainwater Harvesting System owners inevitably find great satisfaction and peace of mind having greater control over providing their own private water supply.

Rainwater Collection Concepts prides itself on providing the highest quality product and insuring our customer’s complete satisfaction. Without our many happy customers we would not be here today and we greatly appreciate each and every relationship/friendship that we have been blessed to establish over the past four years. RCC is happy to provide contact information for references of previous customers upon request. See also our testimonials page.

In addition to a 1 year warranty on all of its installations, RCC offers service and maintenance contracts to provide peace of mind that your new rainwater harvesting system is being properly maintained and functioning at peak performance levels.

Headquartered in Bulverde Texas, RCC is proud to serve our local community in the Texas Hill Country as well as customers throughout the entire great state of Texas.


Please contact David at 512-815-6079 for more information or to schedule a visit for a free estimate.